Thai Pet Food Trade Association’s History


         In the year 2019, members of the Thai Tuna Industry Association had a discussion on the establishment of the Thai Pet Food Trade Association to support the rapid growing of Thai pet food products. The scope of work is specific to wet pet food, which is the category that the tuna industry mainly produces. Thai Pet Food Trade Association established and registered the License for the Trade Association with Department of Business Development upon October 7, 2019, Registration No. 0109562000264. The objective is to push 3 policies: Food Safety, Sustainability, and Ethical Standard.

11 Companies Joining Establishing the Association

Initially, there are 11 companies joining the establishment and subscription to be the members of Thai Pet Food Trade Association, as follows:

              1. Unicord Public Co., Ltd

              2. Thai Union Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

              3. MMP International Co., Ltd.

              4. Southeast Asian Packaging and Canning Co., Ltd.

              5. Tropical Canning (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

              6. Pataya Food Industries Ltd.

              7. Songkla Canning Public Co., Ltd.

              8. Chotiwat Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

              9. I.S.A. Value Co, Ltd.

            10. Siam International Food Co., Ltd.

            11. Asian Alliance International Co., Ltd.

           Whereby there were 3 representatives from 3 companies to be agents in operating and registering the establishment of Thai Pet Food Trade Association on Monday, October 7,2019 at Department of Business Development, as follows:

            (1) Unicord Public Co., Ltd.

             Dr. Poj Aramwatananon 

            (2) Thai Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

             Mr. Narin Niruttinanon    

            (3)  MMP International Co., Ltd.

             Mr. Chartri Prapanphongchai